Hello, I am

Sinan Ascioglu


I am a UX designer, helping startups and brands on dynamic platforms and products, with a focus on social collaborative interactions.

I also specialize on data-intensive applications like data visualizations, dashboards and reporting platforms.


I am not available for work at the moment, but you can follow my updates on WorkingNotWorking, Linkedin and Twitter.


I am available for freelance work.
(no recruiting agencies, only direct contacts please)

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simple interfaces

complex ecosystems

The more complex a project is, the more problems a wireframe can solve.

I help brands, agencies and startups tackle their challenges with user centered design process.

Clients include BMW, American Express, Goldman Sachs, NYSE, Vanguard, Verizon, Netjets.

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Birdseye Mail App

I helped NYC based startup Dede on Birdseye, a visual email client for iPad.

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For over 3 years, I worked with KBS+ as senior ID on BMW.

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American Express

I freelanced for Digitas as ACD of Interaction Design on American Express.

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projects of love

These weekend projects are the results of my desire to design non-stop.

I do the coding on these projects as well, which helps me keep up with the latest advancements on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.


OpenProcessing is an online platform for 100,000+ artists, designers, educators to study creative coding, create and share with the community.

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Hotspot Ninja

HotspotNinja is a web app to create click-prototypes from design screens and wireframes.

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crack the numbers,
visualize the data

I design and build interactive data visualizations for various mediums including web and physical installations.

As my favorite tools are D3.js and Processing, most of these visualizations work on the web as HTML5 across many devices.

Epidemic Modeling

APACE is an epidemic modeling and visualization platform built with Yale School of Public Health.

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Visualizing OpenProcessing

Visualizing OpenProcessing is a data visualization of the activity of OpenProcessing users in 2012.

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Telebanter visualizes a phone conversation with algorithmicly generated patterns.

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