The Website is a massive website. Users can filter and navigate through 50+ models of BMW, customize their configurations, find a dealership to send these configurations, manage payments...

I designed the experience for almost all the parts of the website, including the main pillars; vehicle pages, car configurator, search, dealer locator and My BMW.

As senior UX, I also oversaw our team of interaction designers that worked on the ever-expanding sections and maintenance of the site. homepage
5 Series Convertible iAd


iPhones, iPads, Androids and lots of swiping.

As such innovations got introduced, interaction design started a new chapter, and BMW wanted to follow.

We have introduced many products for these platforms to create an integrated BMW experience, including a mobile-specific website, apps and iAds... Below are some highlights:

I developed 3 swipe prototypes for the mobile website redesign and coined a new term: Swipe-map, a site map that shows the user flow with swipe navigation.
We created the first user-generated iAd: Users submitted their dreams of using the all new X3 on our Facebook page. These dreams were displayed automatically in the iAd within seconds.

Case Study: Configurator Redesign

BMW has one of the most complex car configurators, providing more than 50 different models with 60 million possibilities.

For the redesign, the initial research included landscape analysis as well as the user behavior on the current site. I generated a click map to observe common/hidden user tasks.

Accompanying iterations of wireframes, I coded various prototypes to design more sophisticated sections, such as 3D views.

I have designed a smart geolocation detection algorithm to provide correct pricing and dealer information, as well as to provide popular configurations in a user’s area.

I have eliminated many distractions to allow users focus on designing their car. By organizing the information hierarchy, I made sure to provide call-to-actions at the right places, at the right moment.

After the launch, leads generated from the car configurator doubled.

The click map analysis of the existing site

The click map of existing site

Prototype I made using Processing to test 3D, dragging, zoom, speed

Prototype I made using Processing to test 3D, dragging, zoom, speed

Geolocation detection diagram

Geolocation detection diagram

Final version

Final version

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