Use Your Favorite Tools

While many prototyping tools require designers to use their platform to design, HotspotNinja allows designers to use their favorite applications.

Photoshop inDesign Sketch OmniGraffle

Upload Screens as JPEG

When ready, designers can simply export and upload the screens (or wireframes) as JPEG.

JPEG Files

Create Hotspots

As easy as dragging and dropping hotspots on interactive elements such as buttons and links, designers can turn their static images into clickable prototypes, ready for user testing or presentations.

JPEG Files

Share with Ease

Short URLs make it easy to share the prototypes with clients and colleagues. They open in browsers or as web-app just like a native website or mobile app.

HotspotNinja - showing HotspotNinja working on multiple devices

“Wow. My mind. Blown!”

- said no one ever -

But.. What Happened?

Well, I wasn’t the only one thinking of this idea.

While I was working on the MVP version in 2011, InvisionApp was launched with a very similar idea and interface. Seeing such a well-backed competitor, I brought the idea to KBS+, the agency I was employed by at the time. It got a lot of interest and support internally, but we failed to agree on the contract, therefore HotspotNinja found itself in the limbo of cyberspace.